Friday, January 21, 2011

Types Of Trucks Used in Car Shipping

By the weight trucks are classified into three types such as light weight, heavy weight and medium weight, each type of trucks are used for different purposes. Light weight truck is used to carry light cargos which weigh less and some house hold belongings and materials. These trucks are used in pharmaceutical companies, hotels etc. pickup truck, panel van, sedan deliveries are the different types of light trucks used and these truck sizes are similar to the size of the car.

Medium trucks- the local delivery trucks

These are the trucks essentially used for local services and public deliveries. Box truck or van is the medium weight trucks used for carrying cargos of more weight than light truck. It is used to carry furniture’s, home appliances and it is a freight vehicle which normally weighs more than 13000 lb. Medium standard truck and platform trucks are the other type of medium trucks used for carrying loads.

Heavy trucks- the car shipping trucks

Heavy trucks are the trucks that have the tractor units and it is also called as semi trailer trucks with a box spaced for carrying cargos and automobiles. Ballast tractors are the tractors that carry heavy loads and Dump trucks are used for the purpose of construction to carry sands and stones. A flat bed truck is the truck which carries abnormal loads and allows easy accessing of loads. Transport companies use hot shot truck and multi car trailers for the purpose of car shipping.

Auto transporting trucks

Vehicle transporting through truck is an affordable method for car transporting and also the safest method of auto transporting. Auto transporting companies provide two types of trucks for auto transporting such as tractor trailer trucks and hot shot or pull up style truck. You can prefer the type of truck you like and they have open and enclosed type of trucks for auto transporting of your cars. It is best to prefer enclosed type to prevent your car from environmental hazards.
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