Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brilliant craftsmen of Pagani Zonda F

The Pagani Zonda F was introduced to supporters of super cars world at the Geneva Auto Show in 2005. It is a tradition built unit transformed by advanced machinery and brilliant craftsmen.

It is still on the record as one of the fastest cars ever produced. Built of carbon fiber that Pagani has been familiar for, the Zonda F has proven worth.

Aerodynamics has helped the Zonda gain its fresh shape. The car moves effortlessly during the air and some of its supremacy keeps the car down into the runway thus producing a stronger ground result.

Traditional features such as the one-piece wing now receives uninterrupted air courtesy of its relocated mirrors. The airflow underside is relieved by the rear diffuser and the large front splitter that create more down force.

The Pagani Zonda F has more air intake in front, making its cooling organism very effective. Thus, its V12 engine enjoys a much cooler situation due to the car's design.

This Mercedes Benz engine holds a capability of 7.3 liters and reaches 620 bhp and emits a 561 pound foot torque at 4000 rpm. The framework of the Zonda F is upgraded to make it lighter compared to further super cars.

The large pottery brakes get more room as the new wheels measure only 19 and 20 inches. Overall, its weight is at 1,230 kilograms collectively with its titanium nuts and carbon fiber tub trimmings.

Pagani has absolutely produced a powerful Zonda. It is an immediate and very safe car without any rolls to speak of. The Nardi steering wheel gives a straight contact feel to the road.

It has least electronics and the comfort is surprising for a super car that reaches a speed of over 200 miles per hour. Pagani promised quality and performance in the Zonda F and delivers such exclusive of any compromise.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hennessey Camaro Boasts 705 HP Certificate

Extreme Performance Makeover Transforms the Camaro from Muscle Car to Super Car. Hennessey Performance Engineering, well known for their excessive performance sports cars and muscle cars, announces their Partial Edition HPE700 Camaro.

At the mind of the creature is GM's new LS9 supercharged V8 tweaked as only HPE could to 705 horsepower and 717 lb-ft torque. To succeed as a supercar under the HPE banner it can't now go, it has to whoa.

With optional 15 inch carbon brakes from the stunning new Corvette ZR1, light weight HRE wheels with Michelin PS2 tires and full suspension upgrades the HPE700 Camaro will be talented to make full use of its new found power.

The HPE700 Camaro allows our customers to mingle supercar power and performance with classic American influence car looks in a modern, daily-drive usable sports car with a backseat and a trunk.

HPE700 buyers will also entertain a 1-day performance driving course at Lone star Motorsports Park – a ¼ mile drags trip facility positioned adjoining to Hennessey's 24,000 square foot production facility and showroom.

Base value for the 2010 HPE700 Camaro is $109,500. Situated just west of Houston Texas at the Lone star Motorsports Park complex, HPE has been construction American supercars for nearly two decades with its Veyron-beating Venom Vipers, Ford GT's and newly released Dodge Challengers.